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Our Advatages

Baltelectron – “Bringing global prices to the local markets”


Baltelectron provides high-quality service and products, giving each customer an extensive amount of time and attention, while also maintaining impressive standards of productivity and speed of work. We give every client the same level of commitment from our staff - from individual repair engineers to equipment manufacturers, every order is of pivotal importance to us. Our company is a reliable partner that provides individually adjusted and designed solutions for every customer, reflecting their needs and preferences. We provide a wide range of products and place no minimum order quantities. We are able to provide any electronic component including individual items. Baltelectron clients can also order components for their projects and register them with the manufacturers to receive development subsidies.

Our employees speak 5 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and German). This allows our company to provide service to customers all over the world without misunderstanding or language barriers.

If you have anything broken or malfunctioning we are the place to go. If you have an idea to make the world a better place our company is who you need. Whether you are a repair shop, an R&D department, or a tech student – we have the right solutions for you. Baltelectron guarantees quality service, best components from reliable manufacturers and constant feedback with our clients.