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We at Baltelectron take pride in our worldwide procurement network that we have meticulously assembled over the years, which allows us to source hard-to-find and obsolete components like no one else on the market. Our long-time relationships with manufacturers and distributors, franchised and independent, as well as market trends awareness enables us to provide you the most competitive prices, or the shortest delivery times. We will gladly offer competitive terms and volume purchase agreements as well. Please contact our procurement team with your urgent component needs to work out the optimum combination of price, availability, and service.



For most businesses, asset retirement is not a core competency and is better handled by a skilled provider. Baltelectron’s asset retirement Services will enable you to release the value stored in your excess inventory and redundant or obsolete networking and communications assets. We will work with you to identify the optimal solution to achieve cost effective disposal, and remarket your redundant inventory through an established, international sales network to maximize your return.

Do you want to find out the resale value of your surplus inventory and technology? Baltelectron procurement team will have an answer for you.


As a professional buying components from an open market, whether for your own production or for resale, you know how big of a risk undetected substandard and counterfeit parts pose to your business. And though excessive re-procurement costs can be absorbed, delays in time to market can be made up for, the damage to your company’s reputation may never be repaired.

Baltelectron eliminates these risks by employing with some of the most relied upon electronic components testing labs among the free market distributors. These labs are on the front line of counterfeit detection, their certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ANSI/ESD-S20.20

Here’s how we make sure your business is safe from counterfeit components:


Visual Inspection

External visual inspection is a process of verifying the attributes of parts such as components condition, part markings, evidence of a secondary coating, lead conditions, dimensions and surface quality. For reliable results, visual inspection must be performed per SAE AS5553 and MIL-STD-883 Method 2009.9.


X-Ray testing

X-ray inspection is an internal, but a non-destructive test. An image obtained by an X-Ray machine allows to verify the bond wire connections, die size and ESD damage. Counterfeit can be discovered through comparison of the die’s image of the part in question to the die structure of a known authentic device.



A destructive test. Decapsulation is a process of removal of the component’s package, or its part, to expose the die. Once the die is exposed, the die markings, metallization damage due to ESD or corrosion can be verified.


ROHS testing

ROHS is the compliance test for Lead free. The technique used for the ROHS screening is a wavelength dispersive X-Ray luorescence spectrometer.


KFT (Key Functional Test)

The component’s functions are tested in accordance with the component’s datasheet, using the appropriate evaluation board. . If the component functions are tested satisfactory, it is assumed that the component is fully functional. This test is subject to evaluation tools availability.


Component baking

Prior to shipping products are baked to ensure their compliance with the MSL standards set by the manufacturers and vacuum sealed to enhance their safety during the process of shipment.



Baltelectron offer of state-of-the-art electronics production, fabrication of samples and prototypes. Our diverse technical and engineering expertise extends to all stages in a product’s life cycle, from generating 3D models and simulations to developing specifications, from PCB design to prototype creation, from mass production to fabrication of fixtures and molds for enclosures.

Baltelectron can also reduce your costs by improving component and design choices, reducing the number of parts, debugging, optimizing design and serviceability. Adding our knowledge in other fields, we can establish a reliable supply chain and develop test and quality control procedures.

Our involvement in your project does not have to end with products leaving the factory floor. Baltelectron provide sustaining services throughout the lifecycle of your product by continually reviewing both production and quality control processes, optimizing the manufacturing process for each generation of your equipment.

Whether you need Baltelectron to mass-produce your equipment, or you wish to advantage of our custom manufacturing capabilities, we have the scale to slash your costs, reduce risks and improve time-to-market. Please contact Baltelectron contract manufacturing services to explore can help you reduce your cost, deliver quality product, and meet your production ramp requirements through our scalable programs.